804 - Sybil and the Art Project

16:09 video

Sybil was very flattered when she was asked to take part in a prestigious new art project designed to highlight the objectification of women in America.  She had been chosen because the artist could not think of a stronger woman, a woman who always stood up for what was right, and she readily agreed to take part in the project.  She was more than surprised to find out that the project meant she would be mummified tightly to a chair, topless, her huge breasts bound until they went purple, her mouth sealed with tight bands of micro-foam tape! Unable to do little more than wiggle, she looked on in fury and terror as the artist revealed his vision: Sybil would BECOME an object, always on display, with even her voice stripped away from her, all to show how easily this country devalues the fairer sex! As he flipped the switch and the helpless girl began to slowly rotate, ensuring she would always be on full display, she moaned into her gag when he explained that the exhibition would be traveling not just around the country, but around the world, and she was going to remain packaged and ogled for the better part of a year, traveling from country to country as freight, just another object exported for mass consumption! She sobbed in her helplessness, but as she revolved endlessly, she knew their was no escaping her fate!

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