800 - Jeanette's Straitjacket Struggle

9:15 video

Jeanette has been spending a lot of nights away from home lately, so I decided it's high time she stayed in for the evening.  Unfortunately, when I laid down the law, she threw a fit! Well, if she's going to act like a crazy lady, I'll treat her like a crazy lady! Strapped into a nice leather strait jacket, her legs folded in half and strapped as well, she wiggles and squirms and thrashes, complaining all the while.  Maybe it's the way the leather straps bisect her tight little ass that has her upset, or the way the crotch strap tightens every time she bends forward.  Maybe it's not being allowed to see her friends.  maybe it's knowing that I'm right there, ogling that bottom every time she tries to get loose.  Whatever it is, I'm not sure, because with her mouth packed and sealed under that tight leather hood, I couldn't understand her even if I was in a mood to listen.  No matter.  A night in will do her good, and thoughts of what's gonna happen to that ass are definitely doing ME good!

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