799 - Claire Immbolized in Tape

18:25 video

You might think that a simple roll of tape would be no match for a professional body builder, but you'd be surprised.  Claire Irons certainly was, as she found that the tape was SO effective, she may as well have been bound in iron bands! She scoffed at first, but almost immediately realized this was going to be much more of a challenge than she had thought! I start things off simply (but no less confining) by letting her thrash about with her arms fused at her sides to her upper body, her longs bound from ankles to knees and from knees to groin.  All she can do is flop around like a fish, despite her best efforts.  I enter, pack her mouth full of sponge and tape that in place, crushing her lower face in band after band of the tape that Claire has grown to loathe (not that she's going to say anything about it)!  Next, I fuse her chest to her upper legs, trapping her in a tight little ball! Her mobility drastically reduced, I enjoy watching her slowly and agonizingly shuffle to the nearby scissors, knowing she can't possibly use them! Still, it's satisfying to let her believe she does have a chance! It doesn't laugh long, however! I pull a PVC hood over her head, and then I wrap her from neck all the way down her chest, ensuring the hood remains tight and sweltering! Claire is roasting now, her leggings soaked with sweat (or is that wet spot at her crotch a sign that she's actually enjoying herself?), but I don't let up! I use the tape to increase the pressure banding her legs together, and now she is left to wiggle on her side, her chest massively compressed moaning as she pants for breath! She needs a little extra something to wrap up her experience, so I strap a pair of blinders on her, plunging her into darkness! Now, unable to see, speak or move, it's time to see how long she can stand it before tapping out!  Of course, when your hands are completely enveloped in tape and immobilized, tapping anything is going to be a problem!

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