794 - Kitty Kilmore - These Gags Are Massive!

18:54 video

Kitty was doing her stretches, dressed in her athletic wear and shoes, when a burglar comes up behind and covers her mouth, wrestling with and dragging her off. She soon found herself tied to a chair very tightly with tape, stripped to bra, blindfolded, and gagged with a huge collection of socks and hose packed in her mouth and sealed in with several strips of tape.  After several attempts to make some noise, the captor enters and removes the gag and blindfold, and questions her about valuables. She resists, prompting the burglar to return and pack her mouth again, this time with pantyhose until her mouth is crammed to capacity!   Her cheeks bulging, Kitty is certain she can't possibly be gagged any more severely, until the burglar cleaves her with more pantyhose, driving the mass even deeper into her mouth!  He ignores her panicked gurgles as she fights to keep from choking on the mass, and ties a tight OTM gag made of virginal white cloth around her face!  After struggling with the gag for a bit, she tries to signal her captor she's ready to talk. Her captor doesn't seem to care, using his fingers to push on the packing and making her cough and gasp for air!  Kitty is now MORE than willing to talk, and she tells the burglar everything.  However, that doesn't secure her freedom! The captor transfers her to the bedroom, after removing her panties, and tightly hogties the girl, even taping her feet together after!  She knows there is no hope of escape from the tie, and watches in horror as the captor returns with her dirty laundry, picking through for some socks to use. Kitty complains and questions why it must be her dirty socks, but to no avail. Using smaller socks he stuffs her mouth until her cheeks are bulging and she is again reduced to feeble whimpers as she fights her gag reflex. Her captor takes time with the stuffing, stopping to make sure she's been packed as tightly as possible, hand-gagging her and generally menacing the helpless girl. Clear tape is wrapped around her face, sealing the mass in, and she's left to struggle with the gag. She struggles and moans, especially when the burglar returns and torments her by again pressing the wadding even more deeply into her oral cavity!  Finally, his job complete, he pulls out a rag, clamps it over her nose, and Kitty fights like hell as the rag sends a deep fog into her brain! Soon, she is quiet and helpless, and when she regains her senses, MAYBE she'll be free!

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