793 - Izzebella - Swimsuit Siren Magically Mummified

22:02 video

Beautiful swimsuit model Izzebella Robbins is a sure bet to win the national finals, and everyone knows it.  Everyone, that is, including the mother of her rival, who will do anything to ensure that Izzebella doesn't show up! That explains the mysterious package that arrives on her doorstep.  When Izzebella opens it, she's perplexed by the strange contents: rolls of tape and a soft foam ball.  Knowing she has to stretch before the competition, she puts the box out of her mind and begins her warm up exercises, stretching and flexing her perfect body to limber herself up.  She fails to notice the contents of the box levitate and float towards her until it is too late, and with lightning speed, the ball magically seats itself in her pretty young mouth and the tape begins to unspool around her toned body, fusing her legs together and trapping her arms by her side.  Of course, her face is sealed tightly as well, ensuring she cannot spit of the ball that keeps her muffled and helpless!  She struggles to reach her phone, but cannot make herself understood to the other party! As she writhes and thrashes, her helpless cries reduced to muffled whimpers, more of the cursed tape arrives, and before she knows what has happened, she's completely cocooned in the stuff, including her head! Only her pretty little feet stick out, left to wiggle impotently as she moans in despair inside the brutally tight tape prison! When the agent of her rival arrives, he lets her know that she'll be missing all the competitions from now on, and he drags her off to be shipped to her new home!

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