792 - Dakkota Grey - Silenced Spy

19:00 video

Dakkota loved her career as a spy, and she excelled at it, but even the best in the field let their guard down occasionally.  Now, as Dakkota is learning, the trick is not to talk, no matter what dangers or threats come into play.  The bad guys are only to happy to help her, first by sealing her mouth with black tape and settling back to watch her struggle in her satin blouse and tight bondage.  Then, when that fails to change her mind, they stuff her mouth to bursting and apply a fiendishly tight wrap gag that completely covers her face from chin to just below her nose!  Now only able to grunt and hum importantly, she wriggles in her chair tie, hoping to find some means of escape, knowing the clock is ticking.  Time runs out for her, and the bad guys swap her gag for a ball gag, add even more ropes to the poor girl's bound body, including a nasty tight crotch rope, and hogtie her, leaving her completely helpless as they set up an "accident" to get rid of the pesky snoop!  Will she escape in time?

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