790 - Katana and the Motion Potion

19:07 video

Katana was all set for a quiet evening snuggled in her comfy clothes and socks when her boyfriend presented his latest strange invention: a magic spray that imbued objects with the power to move all by themselves! Ignoring his warnings, Katana carelessly sprayed the potion around the room, and scoffed as nothing happened.  Of course, she failed to realize that when the mist sunk to the ground and settled, it would cover her boyfriend's rope kit! Now, with the ropes alive and determined to get some exercise, Katana found herself helplessly bound and gagged! She hopped about the apartment trying to free herself, only to realize she was helpless in their tight grasp! Struggling to her phone, she managed to use her cute little nose to dial her boyfriend, but thanks to the fat gag in her mouth, he couldn't understand her! Katana was left with no alternative to fight against the ropes, but the ropes had other ideas, and cinched her into a brutal hogtie that left her barely able to twitch! Poor Katana would be stuck until her boyfriend came home, but little did she realize he had his own surprises in store for her!

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