789 - Jayda Won't Talk!

23:36 video

Life is filled with simple choices, and they all have consequences.  Jayda learned that lesson the hard way when she refused to cooperate with the burglar who had her bound to a chair in only her panties and a thin cotton t-shirt.  Her mouth was stretched agonizingly around a fat ball gag that left her silent and drooling as she gurgled her protestations.  All the man wanted was for her to tell him where her valuables were, but she refused time and again, leaving him no choice but to step up his methods of persuasion.  First, he used her favorite dildo to fuck her throat mercilessly, leaving her gagging, coughing and sputtering, saliva soaking her shirt as she fought her gag reflex. Next, the man torn her t-shirt to ribbons, exposing her tits, and cut off her panties, pulling them slowly through her sex in a most painful fashion! With her last bit of modesty stripped from her, she helplessly struggled as he turned on the vibrator he wedged against her pussy! He assailed her mouth again with the dildo, her agonized gargling mixed with helpless moans as the vibrator worked relentlessly at her pussy, her own body betraying her as she came again and again. Still, she refused to talk, so he crammed her mouth with a sponge until her entire oral cavity was stuffed to bursting, the spongy mass assuming the density of a cue ball after having been sealed in place with clear tape wrapped tightly around her face!  Her eyes pleaded for mercy, but the man simply clamped her nipples with a pair of evil clover clamps, tying them to the buzzing vibrator, ensuring they would tug and dance as they bit into her nipples! Finally, the man lost his patience and wrapped vet wrap around her packed and sealed mouth, going over that with electrical tape pulled so tightly she thought her skull would pop! He left her silent, impotent and helpless as the vibrator ensured a long night with plenty of distraction!

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