784 - Rachel's Ghostly Mummy Adventure

26:07 video

Rachel has a problem.  She believes her house to be haunted after bringing home a strange artifact to study in her leisure.  The house is filled with strange sounds and unexplained happenings, but tonight, she can't be worried about this.  She needs a night of rest and relaxation, and she is determined to get it! After stripping down and heading for the shower, the artifact comes to life, and a ghostly presence begins to fly around her home, taking the opportunity to spy on her as she soaps her sexy nude body. When Rachel senses the ghostly presence, the spirit retreats.  Once her shower is finished, Rachel dress in comfy leggings and a turtleneck sweater for a little nap.  Unfortunately for her, the spirit enchants her possessions, and soon her long school girl socks and scarves come to life, intent on binding the slumbering beauty! The slide up and swallow her limbs, waking her as she fights to remove them.  The scarves begin to fly out from all corners of the home, binding her feet, arms, elbows and even forming a crotch rope to hamper her struggling! Socks fly into her mouth, packing it full, before another pair wrap around her face, sealing them in with a tight cleave gag!  As she panics and fights, she notices several rolls of bandages begin to fly toward her as she levitates helplessly into the air! Invisible hands hold her aloft, spinning her body in their grip as the bandages wind themselves around and around her body! Before she knows what has happened, she's been wrapped from shoulders to ankles in the maddeningly tight cocoon!  She writhes and wriggles in an effort to free herself, but only succeeds in losing her balance and toppling to the floor! The helpless girl tries to make it to her phone, inch worming her bound body ever closer, but before she can make the call, the cowl on her sweater slides up, engulfing her head! Now unable to see or speak, she again feels the presence of the ghost, and a strange sensation begins as her body is swallowed up in a tight cocoon of spider silk!  How can she escape her fate now?

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