738 - Katana Thorne - I'm Too Cute To Pay Rent!

Katana is quite excited to begin her glamour photography business and has rented her very own studio to shoot in!  Of course, in her excitement, she went on a spending spree, buying a huge collection of sexy clothing to wear when she models.  Unfortunately, she forgot to leave enough money to pay the rent! She's not worried, however, because she KNOWS she can flirt with the landlord and get him to forgive the debt! She wiggles seductively, showing him how marvelous her ass looks in her sexy panties, and she does indeed give the landlord a few ideas, but they most definitely are not to Katana's liking! She's grabbed and roughly bent over the chaise lounge, her hands tightly bound behind her back, her sexy bottom on full display! The landlord wrestles her protesting young body onto the lounge where he gags her with a nice fat ball gag that immediately makes her start to drool as she protests her mistreatment! The landlord pays no attention to her gurgling nonsense, binding her ankles, legs, elbows and chest in a web of VERY tonight inescapable rope! Struggling and drooling, Katana is in utter misery and is quite fearful as to what is in store for her, but she doesn't have to wait long to find out! Her skirt is removed and she is bound in a VERY tight ball tie, transforming the deadbeat damsel into a complete helpless package, moaning and drooling as she begs for mercy!  She struggles in the tie, and only succeeds in falling onto her side on the lounge, giving the landlord a perfect opportunity to scope out her ass as he anchors her feet to her wrists, the connecting rope sawing away at the crack of her delicious ass!  One thing is for certain: She won't be late with the rent ever again!

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