729 - Simone - Samaritan Secured!

Beautiful Simone is the kind of girl who'd do anything for a good friend, but even so, her guy pal was very nervous about asking her for a favor. It seems he had been reading several books on bondage and wanted to try his hand at it, but he didn't have anyone to practice on.  When Simone heard this, she was only too happy to help! After all, anything for a friend, right? As he methodically roped her sexy body up, she was impressed at how much he had picked up from his studies. Soon, Simone was absolutely inescapably bound.  When the giant ball gag was stuffed in her mouth, she thought things had gone a little too far, but surely he'd untie her now, right? That was when he delivered the bad news.  He'd learned a LOT about tying someone, but he hadn't read a thing about untying anyone, and he had no intention of letting her out!  Strike that - he DID let part of her out: her big beautiful tits!  Now exposed starting to panic, she struggled in the ropes, realizing for the first time how tight they really were, and how all the knots were just out of her reach!  When he returned to hog tie her, she knew things had gone too far, but with that big hunk of rubber filling her mouth, she couldn't possibly call for help!  Struggling, her big breasts scraping on the rug, the old saying came back to her: "No good deed goes unpunished!"

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