709 - Candace - My Poor Nipples!

Poor Candace!  It was frightening and humiliating enough to be lashed to a chair and left at the mercy of a madman, her mouth locked open by a ring gag that caused her to drool all over herself, but when her captor roughly pulled her large natural breasts from her dress and began squeezing her nipples, she suffered the added humiliation of having milk drip and squirt from her lactating tits!  As he added more rope and replaced her gag with a huge red ball pulled deeply back into her mewling mouth, she moaned in pain as her nipples were subjected to further abuse!  Tight clamps squeezed them savagely, milk slowly dripping from them as she fought for freedom.  Mercifully, he eventually removed the clamps, but added a blindfold that plunged her into darkness as his roaming hands explored her tits without end!

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