704 - Raven and Genevieve - The Going Away Gift

Raven and Genevieve have been lovers for some time, but lately, things have been different.  it seems Genevieve has found herself a sugar daddy, and she's committed to making that relationship work, so she's breaking up with Raven.  Raven takes the bad news in good spirits, and even presents Genevieve with a gift:  A tight leather straitjacket and gag that renders her totally helpless as Raven decides to show her just what she'll be giving up for this sugar daddy!  Raven teases Genevieve unmercifully, rubbing her sex with her feet and hands, smothering the moaning girl in kisses, and leaving Genevieve panting through a massive climax that renders both girls exhausted.  Too exhausted, in fact, to prevent the sugar daddy from binding Raven in a matching straitjacket, just like her little friend!  Now that he has TWO hot babes to play with, all without having to continue to shell out money, he decides he quite likes the arrangement, even if the girls do not!

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