703 - Jeanette Cerceau - Reporter Restrained

Some reporters will do ANYTHING to get a big scoop, and Jeanette is no exception!  Determined to get the drop on a local businessman whom she believes holds a dark secret, she goes deep undercover as a model to expose him and his shady business practices.  She's a bit surprised to learn he deals exclusively in fetish content, but not wanting to give herself away, she allows herself to be bound and bit-gagged, believing she has the upper hand.  Unfortunately, she soon learns that she was right about the photographer, but not in the way she expected!  He secretly sells unsuspecting models to rich and perverted businessmen on other continents, and Jeanette is now bound to become his latest piece of merchandise!  Struggling and drooling in her bondage, the plucky newsgirl manages to untie her feet, and desperately, slowly, agonizingly slowly makes her way to the front door!  Before she can make good her escape, she's caught again by the bad guy, and soon, she's stripped to a very skimpy leotard, ball-tied, ball-gagged and left utterly helpless! 

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