697 - Raven Eve - Chained and Chaired

Raven thought she'd seen the last of her abusive husband.  Now, fused to a chair with unbreakable steel chains and handcuffs, her vision eliminated thanks to the blindfold strapped around her head, she knew he had returned.  When the blindfold was removed and she was allowed to stare into his face once more, she let out a stream of threats and profanities, all rendered unintelligible by the huge ball strapped in her mouth.  She thrashed and bucked, shrinking away from his touch as he exposed her breasts, allowing the drool that spilled freely from her gagged mouth to slowly slip down her body in glistening trails of humiliation.  She listened as he detailed all the horrid things he had planned for her, her silence only interrupted by screams when he clamped her huge nipples in the agonizing bite of the steel clover clamps.  He delighted in leaving her alone, helpless, drooling and still defiant, the keys to her freedom just out of reach.  Perhaps if she could just wiggle the chair to where they lay?  After much exertion, she wailed in despair, realizing that the steel links that locked her to the chair completely eliminated ANY chance of her being able to grasp the keys!  Knowing her husband had one, she panted, her face, chin and breasts covered in frothy spit that signaled her complete and utter helplessness.  Her new life, her new and very unpleasant life, had begun.

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