689 - Kitten Katana - Detective Detained

Detective Katana was set to begin a deep undercover operation that she hoped would lead her to one of the most notorious villains the city had ever known.  She understood the danger and risk, but, knowing she was micro-chipped, she was confident nothing could happen to her, and looked forward to bringing the evil-doer to justice.  Unfortunately for her, the evening before her assignment was to officially begin, the crime lord found HER!  Now, bound and ball gagged in her short skirt, heels, hose and sweater, the hapless investigator thrashed and shouted into the thick rubber mass that jacked her jaws apart, but it was a most effective silencer!  She cowered at the man as he tightened her bindings, winching at the way the ropes bit into her pretty young flesh! She fought to prevent him from worsening her predicament, but the ropes left her capable of doing little more than squirming and twisting in his grasp!  As the poor girl ended up hogtied and helpless, she realized there was good news and bad news:  The Good News: The chip would bring help directly to her.  The BAD NEWS:  In the time it took them to track her and arrive, who knows WHAT her assailant would do??

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