684 - Pepper Sterling Hogtied and Topless!

Pepper was caught by surprise by the stranger waiting for her in her room.  He ordered her to remove her robe, revealing her huge natural tits, and then commanded her to strap a fat ball gag into her mouth.  To add to her humiliation, he ordered her to tie HERSELF up, watching with glee as the beauty methodically fused her limbs together with clothesline!  Knowing she was quite adept at bondage, he insisted she bind her hands behind her back and hogtie HERSELF!  Pepper complied, certain she'd be able to wriggle out if the tie, but it turns out she did a FAR better job than she ever dreamed she was capable of!  Now, her mouth packed full of rubber, she could do nothing but writhe and fight in her ropes, feeling the hogtie grow tighter with every movement of her body!  Her breasts were becoming raw after scraping about on the floor, but the stranger seemed to delight in this even more!  Would he release her, or would she remain bound and gagged until help arrived?  And if he DID release her, what else would he have in store for her??

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