680 - Ashley Graham - Pay Us Or Else!

Ashley Graham has always lived a privileged life of luxury, the sort of life that most people envy.  But every life has its challenges, as she found out in no uncertain terms!  Snatched and secured in a creepy hideout, the busty beauty was tightly tied to a chair and stripped to her underwear as part of a plot to extort a hefty sum from her rich husband!  Her captors have decided to film her ordeal in an effort to make their presentation a bit more persuasive!  Knowing her husband will be reluctant to make a deal at first, they grope and roughly manhandle the poor woman, pulling her large breasts free from her bra and roughly squeezing and pinching them, the camera capturing every minute of her distress and outrage!  Soon he found herself nude and hogtied on the floor, her mouth packed full and sealed with clear packing tape, as her captors continued their torments!  The frightened girl thrashed and struggled, desperate for freedom, but her only hope would lie with her husband.  She prayed he would give in to their demands, but in the back of her head was an even more unpleasant thought:  Who could guarantee her safety even IF the demands were met??

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