676 - Damsel Diamondly

Diamondly knew she was helpless.  The ropes were unbearably tied, cinching her wrists together, fusing her elbows together, securing her feet, her legs, it seemed every part of her nude body was trapped in the bone crushing bondage she had been the unhappy recipient of.  She had to get out!  As she struggled the room was filled with the sounds of her exertions: the grunts, the moans, the gasps, all stifled by the large ball stuffing her mouth and keeping her silent.  Drool spilled past the ball and pattered on the floor as she twisted and turned in helpless agony.  Miraculously, she made it to her feet and began an agonizing slow hop to freedom.  Or so she thought!  She managed to hop right into the arms of her captor!  Horrified, she soon learned her predicament could get worse, as she was transferred into a brutally tight hogtie!  Her arms were locked into a chicken wing position, her toes bound and pulled into strict bondage, even her poor little pussy was now tormented by tight ropes that threatened to split her in half! The ball had been removed from her mouth, but now her face was sealed shut with medical tape.  She had thought she had known discomfort before, but now she was in a new level of pain and distress, just the way her captor wanted her!

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