557 - Take Me To Your Mummy

12:22 video

Ariel was deeply in love with her new boyfriend, and thought she’d finally found the right man.  Sure, he seemed a little…odd, unfamiliar with customs, certain idiosyncrasies of language, a total lack of knowledge of pop culture, but those qualities simply made him all the more endearing to her.  When he nervously told her the reasons why, she was gobsmacked.  He was an alien, from another world!  At first she didn’t believe him, confident he was setting her up for some delightfully kinky role play game. After all, why else would he be so nervous?  But he persisted with his story, telling her how much he wanted her to travel with him to another galaxy to meet his parents.  Curious at just how far he’d take the game (and just what sort of kink he had in mind), she agreed to journey with him.  When he pulled out his ray gun and pointed it at her, she laughed out loud, but when the strange beam shot out and engulfed her, her laughter turned to muffled shouts of surprise:  The ray gun had transformed her into a helpless mummified parcel!  Barely able to move, she writhed and squirmed, screaming for help as the truth dawned on her:  He really was an alien, and she was soon to be spirited away, never to see Earth again!  The wrappings were so tight she could barely move, and her cocoon turned out to be a most effective prison!  There would be no escape!  He looked lovingly at her as he explained that when she arrived on his planet, she’d be kept just as she now was, wrapped and left in storage in a medical facility to ensure she was not transmitting any viruses that could decimate his planet!  It would take about a year to be sure, but he’d visit her regularly!

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