555 - Getting A Leg Up On My Roomate

9:37 video

When KimChi and Davina were late with their rent AGAIN, their landlord knew ONE of the two girls were to blame.  He didn't want to punish the wrong one, however, so he gave them a chance to confess.  Since neither girl could say much with the large ball-gags strapped into their mouths, he decided that he needed to be more persuasive.  That's how the pair found themselves tightly bound to chairs, snug crotch ropes buried deep into their sex.  That was hardly the worst of it, however, for each girl's crotch rope was connected to the leg of the opposite girl!  As long as they could manage to keep their legs in the air, all would be well, but if one lowered her leg, she would pull on the crotch rope of her roommate!  The girls tried their best to keep from inflicting pain on each other, but as fatigue took its toll, each girl found themselves in a world of pain as their poor pussies bore the brunt of the weight of the other girl!  Still, they refused to snitch on each other.  That is, they refused until the landlord told them how each girl had come to him in secret to try and get the other evicted!!  Now, their loyalty to each other evaporated, the girls changed their goals:  Now each wanted to hurt the other as much as possible for her betrayal!  They purposely tugged on each others crotch ropes as hard as they could, screaming and angrily cursing each other out with a series of gargling, bubbling moans and gibberish as the drool poured from their gags!  Who would win?  Who cares, as long as the battle rages on for a good, long time!

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