554 - Stop Looking At My Panties!

29:36 video

Jeanette was so glad to be rid of her ex!  She breathed a huge sigh of release on the day she thought she'd seen the last of him.  Fate had different plans for her, however!  Maybe she should have demanded the keys or changed the locks after he left, but now, here he was again, having laid in wait for her to return home.  Jeanette rolled her eyes as he forced her to strip to her bra, panties and pantyhose,figuring if she just did what he said, he'd leave soon enough.  How wrong she was!  Before she knew what happened, she found herself tightly bound to a chair, her mouth packed full of spongy foam wadding and sealed shut with micro foam tape.  She was even more surprised to find her legs sprayed wide and anchored to the legs of the chair.  She struggled to get free, fighting to keep her legs closed, but as she struggle, she could not help but spread them wide time and again, giving her creepy ex plenty of chances to ogle her crotch and her panties.  They looked especially nice with the crotch rope bisecting them!  When he finally tired of watching her struggle in that position, he took her to the bedroom where he tied her in a tight hogtie!  At least this time her legs were closed, but her ex still got off watching her struggles, especially as he kept checking out the way her bare feet wiggled and squirmed in the pantyhose!  She had no idea how long he'd keep her like this, but one thing was for sure:  She knew he had other plans when he got bored with her current plight

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