552 From Slaver to Slave

19:21 video

When Rachel joined forces with a sex slave king to help trap her fellow glamour models and sell them off to kinky new masters in foreign lands, she thought she had the ultimate scam going!  Lots of extra cash, and she was reducing competition for modeling gigs by eliminating the other girls!  Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, only Rachel never thought she's be the one bound for a new owner!  After having been tricked by her partner and put to sleep via a rag with a strange liquid on it, she awoke to find herself stripped absolutely nude, save for the leather body harness and straps the held her body fast!  As she struggled awake, she slowly realized her plight, but the huge harness ball gag in her mouth kept her from crying out!  Desperately, with dawning horror, she fought against her bonds, but there was no chance of escape.  When her "partner" returned, he expressed regret at the end of the partnership as he swapped her gag out for a tight panel gag strapped tightly into her mouth.  As he slipped a stiflingly snug leather Gwendoline hood over her head and laced it up as tightly as possible, Rachel knew she was in real trouble!  With the hood in place, their would be no way she could ever dislodge the gag, and the hood made her moans and cries even more inaudible!  Adorning her beautiful breasts with a pair of nasty clamps, he left the naive model in misery as he prepped her shipping container!  Refusing to give up, Rachel fought like mad, the clamps jiggling on her aching nipples.  The final straw came when her partner returned to strap a blindfold over her eyes!  Now, helpless and locked in darkness, the girl squirmed and struggled as she wondered what would become of her!

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