545 - The Wages Of Sin Part 1

20:44 video

Mallory was relaxing at home, enjoying a cigarette, when she was interrupted by a knock on the door.  When she opened it, she found a minister there to witness the good word to her.  He looked her up and down, disapprovingly, as he surveyed her tight booty shorts, obscene t-shirt, stockings.  He mentally judged her to be a very dirty girl, desperately in need of some of God's teachings.  Mallory was having none of it, cursing out the minister, blowing smoke in his face and flipping him off.  That was too much for the sexually repressed minister, who burst into her home, grabbed her by the throat and tazed her tiny body.  Twitching, she fell to the floor, her body jerking from the current of the device.  Before she knew what had happened, she was tightly bound with tape, her hands balled into useless stumps, her mouth stuffed full of socks and more socks tied in a tight cleave gag to keep the mass securely in place (and to keep her nice and quiet to boot)!  Struggling, she made her way to her pone to call for help, but with her body bound and her mouth sealed, she could not manipulate the phone!  When the minister returned, he took her phone and began to torture the girl to force her to reveal the pass code to unlock the device.  He spanked her, groped her small perky tits and pinched her nostrils shut, restricting her airflow, but the girl would not tell, even after he roughly manhandled her, tossing her small frame about like a rag doll.  His rage building, the minister hog-taped the poor girl, her head pulled back to her feet with more of the sticky material, and left her to impotently struggle.  He loved watching her distress, and decided then and there to spend a LOT of time correcting all her wicked sinful ways!  Mallory was in for a VERY long ordeal!

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