538 - Izzebella Robbins - Showered and Wrapped For The Night!

14:34 video

All Izzebella wanted after a long day at work was a nice hot shower and a relaxing evening at home.  As she stepped into the warm cascading water, her mind instantly calmed. She loved the feel of the soap over her full breasts, the gentle, trickling rivers snaking their way down and between her legs, the feel of her fingers as they ran through her hair.  Thoroughly relaxed, she made her way to her bedroom, and that was when her nightmare began!  An unknown assailant crept out from her closet, wrapping his arms around her struggling naked body and clamping a hand over her mouth.  His grip was like iron, and although she fought with all of her strength, the cloth clamped over her protesting mouth kept her cries to a minimum.  Worse still, the cloth was soaked in a strange liquid, and every panicked breath forced a burning potion deep into her lungs.  In moments, she slumped to the floor, fast asleep.  When she woke up, she felt strange, as though her limbs would no longer obey her brain's commands.She felt as though she were being crushed in the grip of some giant snake, her entire body constricted in a fiercely tight bear hug.  As the cobwebs cleared from her brain and her surroundings came into focus, the reason became clear:  she had been wrapped tightly in an ever tightening bandage from her shoulders all the way down her body!  Even her feet had been completely encased in the shrinking cocoon, and worse still, her mouth had been packed with some sort of rag, cutting off her cries for help!  More of the awful bandages had been wrapped around her face, sealing the mouth packing in while squeezing her face in an unrelenting vice like grip!  She wiggled and squirmed as best she could, but there was to be no escape.  Suddenly, a thought struck her?  What had happened to the man who had done this to her, and what would happen to HER when and if he returned?  She renewed her struggles, fearful that she would soon learn the answers!

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