523 - KimChi Pays The Rent

10:24 video

When KimChi signed the lease on her new apartment, she didn't bother to read the fine print.  After all, the landlord seemed so nice, and she was certain she could wrap him around her little finger whenever she wanted to.  That's why she wasn't worried when she came up short on her rent and decided to stiff him for the last month.  Unfortunately for her, he wasn't quite the pushover he seemed to be.  Turns out he had an unusual way of dealing with delinquent rents: Hard humiliating bondage!  Now the poor girl found herself stripped to her bra, panties and stockings, and lashed tightly to a chair!  As she cursed out the landlord, he decided to change her bitchy bratty attitude by stuffing a fat ball gag into her yammering mouth!  Now the uppity girl was helpless, and she'd stay their until he considered the debt paid!  She struggled to get loose, the large gag causing her jaw to ache, the tight ropes cutting into her tan flesh.  When the landlord came back to check on whether she'd be paying the rent, her attitude had only grown worse, so he popped out the ball gag, stuffed an old rag into her mouth and wrapped her head with tight medical bandage until she thought her eyes would pop!  Left all alone, KimChi fought as fatigue set in, wondering just what the landlord would do when he learned she wouldn't be able to pay this month's rent either!

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