506 - Izzebella Robbins - The Attic

15:56 video

Pale, red-headed beauty Izzebella looked stunning in her tight red dress.  She looked so stunning, in fact, that she caught the eye of the neighborhood weirdo who simply had to make her his own!  Now the frigthened girl was hanging by her wrists in a creepy attic, pulling against her bonds and calling for help, but no one would hear her so far out in the wilderness.  The weirdo returned and lashed her ankles together even though she fought him for all she was worth, twisting and hanging in the ropes as her feet were locked together.  The man stuffed her mouth with a fat red ball that he strapped tightly in place, then slowly pulled her glasses from her face, rendering her nearly blind!  He ran his hands over her body, slowly lifting her dress higher and higher to expose her red lingerie set, complete with garter belt and stockings, as she mewled and drooled into her gag.  She trembled as his hands ran over her flesh, gurgling in panic from behind the gag.  He stepped away, but without her glasses, she could not tell if he had left the room and had no way of knowing that he was just a few feet away watching her struggles.  After what seemed like an eternity, she slumped in her bonds, hanging limply with exhaustion.  Soon, the strain on her wrists was relieved, but her ordeal only grew worse when she ended up stripped completely nude and hung by her feet in the sweltering attic space!  Her bound breasts looked phenomenal in the light from the window, and she knew her captor had plans for her that she truly did not dare contemplate!

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