502 - When Uncle's Away:Part 3 (Ayla and Bailey)

11:23 video

In the conclusion to our multi-part series, Ayla and Bailey find out exactly what happens when they cross Bailey's uncle!  After having been caught red-handed in the middle of their bondage games, Bailey's uncle has decided that the only way to keep his niece from misbehaving is to make sure she is never left alone again!  And of course, Ayla has to pay for her part in the whole affair, so the two girls are tied in tight ball ties, Bailey stripped completely nude!  As the girls protest and demand release, uncle stuffs their yapping mouths and wraps their faces with vet wrap, putting an end to their complaints and pleas!  Since Bailey can't be trusted home alone, she's going to join her uncle on his around the world vacation, but since she hasn't earned the first-class accommodations her uncle will be enjoying, she's subjected to a more uncomfortable form of travel:  wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and tape, and then locked in her uncle's suitcase for the long voyage!  As for Ayla, since she was so insistent on coming over, she can stay right there in the house, all by herself, bound, gagged, whimpering and struggling until uncle returns!!

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