497 - Rachel's Marriage Vows

17:09 video

When Rachel left her abusive husband, she thought she would finally be able to build the life she wanted.  Unfortunately for her, her plans were cut short when she found herself bound, gagged and snatched by an unknown assailant!  Now squirming and grunting in fear and frustration, and a sack pulled over her head, she writhes about trying to free herself before the creep returns.  He does, and when he pulls the sack off, Rachel gets a most unwelcome and terrifying surprise:  It’s her husband, and he isn’t about to dissolve the marriage that simply!  Popping out the ball gag, he quickly and tightly clamps a hand over her mouth before she can scream for help, and he forces her to repeat her wedding vows as a reminder of their union.  She murmurs out the words from beneath his palm, her speech almost unintelligible by the tight hand gagging. Satisfied, he cleave gags the poor girl tightly to keep her quiet as he tears off her clothes, stripping her down to her stockings, panties and high heels before binding her more severely.  Knowing she can’t escape him ever again, he leaves the poor struggling girl alone, and she fights like hell to escape, but deep down inside she knows it is impossible.  Soon he returns, and after hogtieing the gal and improving her gag, he explains that he’s going to teach her all about “for better or worse” and the worse it gets for her, the better he likes it!

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