492 - Mallory's Mistake - Part Three

13:35 video

Mallory’s ordeal continues at the hands of her captor.  Having been released from the chair after being subjected to an endless forced viewing of the torments his prior captives have undergone, Mallory soon finds herself bound and gagged in a closet, her eyes blindfolded with a tight wrapping of vet wrap.  Her legs are bound in a lotus position and her arms fused to her body in a tight box tie, leaving her able to do more than drool and mewl through the ball gag sealing her pretty mouth.  When her captor returns, he removes the wrapping and begins to question her.  Her answers do not please him, so he decides to teach her what happens when she does not behave as he wishes.  He cuts off her top exposing her perky tits, and crushes her sensitive nipples with a wicked pair of clamps.  He takes great delight in jiggling the chain to the clamps, and the poor girl’s distress is plain to see in her wide, fearful eyes.  She’s far too comfortable for his taste, so he forces her into a strict bent over position, ensuring she’ll be unable to move from that spot.  With her nipples on fire from the clamps, she endures her predicament as best she can, whimpering and drooling from her gag as she wonders what ELSE he has in store for her!

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