493 - Claire Irons Banket Bound!

20:19 video

Claire and I have been roommates for a long time, and the relationship has been growing strained.  One pet peeve is her insistence on keeping the heat turned up to uncomfortable levels, and since she pays the utility bill, she doesn’t care how warm I am.  When I tell her I can make sure she stays nice and toasty while saving money on the heating bill, she enthusiastically agrees to let me show her how.  Next thing she knows, she’s been tightly wrapped up in two heavy blankets, cocooned tightly in agonizingly tight tape wrap, her mouth stuffed with a giant ball, and her face wrapped not once, not twice, but SIX times!  The massive layered gag keeps her VERY quiet, although she still grunts and groans in displeasure when I lay her on the floor to struggle in vain!  There’s no way in HELL she’ll ever get out of this without my help, and I’m not about to give it to her!  In fact, I’m having way too much fun watching her squirm and wiggle and grunt as she tries her best to escape!  Eventually, however, I do feel sorry for her, and to make it up to her, I offer to take her away for a nice long camping trip!  She won’t need a sleeping bag, because she’s traveling EXACTLY as she is.  Well, not exactly:  I do decide to wrap another layer over her already stifling gag as I explain just how much bondage fun I’m going to have with her helplessly secured body!  Groaning and trying her best to plead with me, she knows by the look in my eyes that I will not be dissuaded from this plan, so she’d better save her energy for a long week of frantic struggles!

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