491 - Jeanette - Schoolgirl Mummified and Suspended!

9:15 video

Jeanette should know better than to prowl around abandoned buildings after school, but she has always liked the thrill of discovery.  Now she’s been discovered by a crazy kidnapper, and it’s no thrill for Jeanette!  She knows escape is impossible the way she had been tightly secured to the pole, and she whimpered in fear as her captor explained what was going to happen to her.  She tried her best to call for help, but the tape plastered over her mouth kept her too quiet for her to ever attract anyone’s attention!  She squealed when the man yanked away the stool she had been preched on, and she gaped in shock as she now hung suspended in the air!  With her body cocooned so tightly to the pole, she was now left with her pantyhose clad feet dangling and squirming helplessly as her toes tried to reach the ground, but it was impossible.  She wiggled impotently, uselessly and she hung there like a bug caught in a web, knowing escape was impossible.  When the man told her she’d remain just that way until the morning, she began to panic, but the man took no pity on her and switched off the lights, leaving her wrapped and helpless in the darkness as the sound of his footsteps faded away into the night! 

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