488 - Izzabella - Be Careful Who You Threaten!

15:50 video

Izzebella looks so cute and innocent.  Who would suspect that she is actually the leader of a local slave trader  group, snatching unsuspecting women off the street and selling them to nefarious people in foreign lands?  Well, somebody CLEARLY suspected her, as evidenced by the anonymous phone call she received warning her to stop her activities or pay the price.  Rather than heed the warning, the bitchy, egotistical redhead threatened the caller AND his family!  BIG mistake!  The next day, when she came home, she quickly found herself grabbed from behind!  As she struggled, a cloth was pressed against her face and as the girl breathed in the sickly sweet smelling liquid, she felt her consciousness ebbing away.  She slumped to the floor, and when she awoke, she found herself tightly bound by the very man she had threatened!  It seems Izzebella had some competition in the slave trade game, and now she was going to find herself just another missing female, a tightly packaged parcel who would never be seen again, except by her new owners!  Izzebella fought against the ropes, but the man took great delight in repeatedly applying the soaked cloth to her face, putting her to sleep again and again as he increased her bondage, adding a tight toe tie to her hogtie, and stuffing her mouth before wrapping clear tape around her pretty face.  Each time she awoke, the man taunted her about what her new life would entail!  Izzebella was completely helpless to prevent the cloth from being pressed to her face again, and this time, as she drifted off to dreamland, she knew that when she awoke, she’d be just another plaything for an unknown captor! 

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