487 - Kristyna Dark - You'll Never Testify!

21:25 video

Community minded Kristyna was determined to do her civic duty and testify against a notorious mob boss.  She knew she was endangering herself, but she had put complete trust in the police team protecting her in the safe house she had been secured in.  That was her mistake!  When a henchman of the crime lord incapacitated the officer on duty, it was only a short matter of time before the buxom beauty was bound and gagged and struggling for her very life!  Left alone while the henchman was setting the final plans for her demise in motion, the feisty woman managed to work her way over to the nail file on the night stand and sawed away at her bonds, slowly, methodically, knowing she had one chance at escape.  Her progress was cut short when the henchman returned, however, and soon the poor would-be witness found herself tightly hogtied and unable to do anything more than roll impotently as the bomb that sat before her slowly ticked away the remaining minutes of her life, mocking her as she writhed and screamed into her packed mouth.  Would rescue come in time??

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