485 - Ayla and Sunshine - Air BnB Bondage

17:07 video

When Ayla and Sunshine decided to take a vacation, they were delighted to find the cutest little AirBnB rental.  The owner seemed so nice, and he even stocked the refrigerator with drinks for their stay!  Unfortunately for the pair, the drinks were stocked with a little something extra, and soon after their arrival, the girls found themselves growing sleepier and sleepier, until their world slipped into darkness. When they awoke, they found themselves tightly bound with tape!  Realizing they were in trouble, the girls squirmed and struggled to free themselves, but their efforts were cut short by the arrival of their “host” who quickly stuffed their mouths so they could no longer call for help, then sealed their lips tightly shut under many layers of tight wrappings!  Now truly frightened, the girls listened in terror as the man explained that the girls would soon be shipped and sold to overseas buyers interested in sexually breaking and dominating two proud American beauties!  Knowing their lives depended on it, the pair fought like mad to get loose, but their captor had subdued many young ladies before them, and their bonds were inescapable.  Never leaving anything to chance, however, their “host added some extra ropes to their restraints, leaving the helpless hogtied pair to contemplate their fate.  They wouldn’t have long to ponder, however, as the owner was about to give them a taste of what their new owners had in store for them!

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