483 - Jane Lynn Doe - Leather Bound Struggles!

18:07 video

Jane’s psychiatrist husband has grown very tired of life with his bitchy buxom blonde spouse, and so he’s decided to fix that situation once and for all.  Bound in a leather straitjacket and tight leather straps, she struggles and fights and demands release, but her husband has other plans.  He calmly explains to her that he’s having her involuntarily committed to an asylum; run by himself, of course!   Realizing that she is a danger to herself and others, he vows to make sure she spends the rest of her life in tight restraints and never bothers him again!  Of course, he can’t have her speaking to anyone until she’s safely locked away, so he gags the mouthy bitch with a tight panel gag, immediately reducing her outbursts to an angry muffled tirade that no one is going to understand!  Now truly determined to escape, she fights tooth and nail as he re-secures her straps and adds more and more restraints to the plight, until it’s time for the coup de grace: a tight leather hood that will render her blind, deaf and dumb!  Among her other problems, Jane suffers from claustrophobia, so the hood is truly terrifying to her, but her husband shows no mercy.  He pulls it over her head, laces it snugly and secures the network of straps that guarantee she’ll never remove it again!  Now that she’s secured, he leaves her to struggle and quake in her now permanent darkness.  He’ll be transporting her soon, but her new life as a helpless, crazed inmate has already begun!

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