475 - Jeanette's Red Encasement

20:03 video

Jeanette had finally found the perfect job for herself!  By selling her worn panties online, she can be her own boss, set her own hours, and best of all, steal credit card info from ignorant horny men, all without them knowing it!  Unfortunately for her, one customer DID figure things out, and now he's come to pay Jeanette a visit!  By the time he leaves, the poor girl is COMPLETELY encased in a tight red cocoon of sticky constricting tape, unable to see hear or speak as she is left to thrash and grunt and mewl as she desperately tried to find a way out of her prison.  Of course, with her hands tightly folded across her chest and her limbs fused together in the horribly tight web of tape, she's just plain out of luck.  All she can do is writhe, wriggle and struggle, screaming into her gagged mouth in the hopes that someone will find her!  Hopefully, it won't be another dissatisfied customer!

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