474 - Amanda Foxx - Tit Taped and Troubled!

11:31 video

She had no idea how he got in, and frankly, she didn't care.  All Amanda wanted now was for him to leave, but he clearly had other ideas.  As the rag was stuffed into her mouth and sealed in place with a wicked micro foam cleave gag, she struggled in the bands of tape that trapped her limbs, but she could do nothing to stop him. As her gurgling cries diminished in volume, her rage and frustration grew, not that either would do her any good.  She was thoroughly silenced and secured, and they both knew it! He delighted in watching her thrash and writhe, grunting into her thickly stuffed mouth.  Her body was too much for him to resist, and soon helpless Amanda found her huge natural breasts removed from her bra and tightly bound with electrical tape!  She groaned as the pressure in her boobs began to build, but her pleas for mercy were quickly cut off when he added more packing to her already bulging mouth and sealed it in place with vet wrap.  Now, frightened, her breasts throbbing, the poor Amazonian beauty knew she was his for the taking!

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