473 - Nyssa Nevers - Helpless Cumming Heroine!

14:46 video

Psylocke (Nyssa Nevers) has been on the trail of one of the city's leading super villains, and she has finally tracked him to his lair!  Unfortunately for her, she failed to count on his henchman, who surprises the heroine with a huge, bone crushing bear hug that literally squeezes the breath from her lungs!  When she comes to, she finds herself gagged and cocooned in a strange purple material.  Struggling, she tries with all her strength to break loose, but the cocoon seems impervious to her psionic abilities!  When her nemesis returns, he takes great glee in explaining her plight!  Her cocoon is made of a special material that dampens all psychic and telekinetic activity, so her powers are useless!  Worse still, as he recounts her capture, she begins to realize that something has been wrapped up with in the unforgiving cocoon.  Unable to identify it on her own, she is appalled and horrified to learn her nemesis has locked a powerful vibrator to her super pussy, and he intends to make her climax until she expires!!  And to add insult to injury, he intends to ensure her peril by hanging her upside down while she cums her brains out!  Hoisted in the air, the super heroine fights against the insistent buzzing between her legs, but the toy is too much for her!  She cums again and again, each more earth shattering and mind numbing than the last!  Will she escape, or will she remain as she is: A ghastly pinata, orgasming until her head explodes??

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