472 - Genevieve and the Burglar

10:25 video

Poor Genevieve!  No matter where she goes, she finds herself at the mercy of nefarious characters!  She thought things would be different in her new house, but now, wearing her skin tight red dress, her mouth packed with a huge ball of nylon stockings and taped securely shut, she realizees one thing:  She's a magnet for uncomfortable bondage!  The burglar leaves her to wriggle and grunt in her hidden space in the c,loset, no one able to hear her muffled pleas for help.  As she writhes and kicks her pantyhose clad legs, she realizes she's going to have to try and make a break for it and hope the burglar doesn't catch her mid escape!  Forcing the closet door open, she slowly shuffles her way across the room, wobbling back and forth as she uses each butt cheek as a slow and painful mode of locomotion, her crotch rope constantly tuggling at her sex as she inches her way ever so gradually to freedom.  She nearly gives up when she reaches the stairs, but she carefully inches her way down each one until she is on the first floor, safe and sound!  Working her way to her feet, she hops into thee kitchen in search of an implement to cut herself free, when the burglar reappears!  Bending her over a stool, he paddles her ass a bright red to teach her what happens to bad little girls who don't stay where they are put! 

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