471 - Claire Irons - Secured In Steel

20:34 video

How can something so simple be so excruciating?  That's the question Claire has on her mind as she suffers through this deceptively easy hogtie.  Her thumbs are cuffed, her toes are cuffed and the two cuffs anchored together by a short set of handcuffs, and now the buff beauty is left to writhe in her bondage.  She immediately finds that every single movement is utter agony, as the steel bites into her flesh no matter how she moves or squirms.  Her nude body desperately tries to find some relief as she tries to find freedom, but nothing works.  She tries to roll onto her side for relief and instantly regrets that decision, and soon she's left humping the floor slowly in an attempt to distract herself from the fire in her arms and toes.  I doubt that will be very effective, but it's certainly fun to watch!!

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