467 - Mallory's Mistake - Part 2

21:47 video

Having been released from the hogtie, Mallory now finds herself tightly bound to a chair, legs legs affixed to each leg of the chair leaving her very vulnerable to the unwanted advances of her captor.  Her mouth is filled with a large red ball gag and the poor girl cannot help but drool like a helpless baby, saliva bubbling from around her lips and dripping down her chin.  She has been redressed in a flimsy white teddy ensemble, the fabric no more substantial than a faint breeze on a summer night.  Her hands had been wrapped tigthly in some sort of medical bandage, turning them into useless stumps.  Regretting her decision to rob the place, the girl struggles to free herself, but her efforts are useless.  Her captor returns and opens the top of her outfit, exposing her small, perky breasts.  He sits next to her wordlessly, watching the drool as it spills down her face and onto her tits.  Silently, he reaches over and using a finger, he captures a long streamer of drool, which he pops into his own mouth!  Now the girl is beyond terrified as he explains what will happen to her.  Each word that leaves his lips leaves her more and more terrified!  Her captor wraps her face in tight medical bandage, and does not even do her the tiny favor of removing the ball gag!   The insanely tight gag leaves her completely silent and her eyes are brimming with fear.  For her "education", he turns on the television set so she can watch footage of the other girls who were unlucky enough to become his playthings. Her eyes glued on to the screen before her, she shudders at the depravity unfolding before her.  As her captor torments her with what is to come for her, he swaps her gag out for a wicked pump gag, the bulb of which he has liberally coated with honey!  Pumping it until the poor girl can barely breathe, he leaves her to stew in her own thoughts and her own drool, as long, sticky strings of saliva work their way past the impossibly huge mouth packing to run down her body.  What else could be in store for her?  Find out in part 3, coming soon!

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