464 - Kristyna Captured

14:29 video

When Kristyna took over as head of human resources for her firm, she was determined to make some long overdue changes.  First on the list was the termination of the creepy head of security.  He took it well; far better, in fact, than Kristyna had anticipated. Had she known what he had planned for her, she would not have been so relived!  Now bound and gagged far below the basement of her corporate office, in an old crawlspace no one knew about, she found herself being groped and fondled by the former employee.  Struggling against the tape that bound her, wriggling her pantyhose clad feet as she tried to loosen her bonds, she could neither stop her assailant nor could she cry out for help as he pulled her huge breasts from her blouse and ran his hands over them again and again, all the while telling her of all the perverted, filthy things he had planned for her!  The creep left her alone for a few moments to cover their tracks and ensure the buxom beuaty would not be found, and she wriggled her way to a wall to begin sawing away at the tape that held her priosner, moaning in fear and frustration at her slow progress.  Had she more time, she may have been able to effect an escape, but before she knew it, her ex-employee arrived again to start the next phase of their relationship.  As his belt hit the floor, Kristyna knew that her nightmare was only beginning!

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