463 - Fayth's Fearful Mummy!

12:10 video

Fayth loves mummifications, and she's been in many of them over the years, and she really puts up a hell of a struggle once she's been wrapped up nice and tight.  Well, I'm certainly happy to accomdate her in that regard! Wrapped up skin tight in unforgiving electrical tape, the writhing, wriggling woman knows she's not getting out, but she certainly puts up a hell of a struggle.  Her frenzied thrashing only increases when she learns she's in close proximity to a colony of fire ants!  Now truly desperate to escape, she "mmmmppppphhh"s into her gag like a madwoman, especially when I offer to cool her down with a nice, sticky, sweet soda poured all over her body!  Finally, it's time to let her out, but there's one aspect of mummifications that always leaves her absolutely terrified:  She's afraid of being cut out!  As the shears slowly make their way up her cocoon, she is absolutely petrified, whimpering into her gag and shivering with fright!  Finally, she's free, but she still needs time just to recover from the experience!

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