460 - Jeanette's Rude Awakening

9:40 video

Jeanette was ao tired, all she wanted was to come home, strip down to her t-shirt and panties, and enjoy a nice, long nap!  She really must have been tired, becuase she never even stirred when the stranger bound and gagged her in her sleep!  Soon, her slumber ceased, and she awoke in confusion as she slowly realized her mouth was sealed shut, her limbs would not respond to her movements, and she was strangely confined!  As her head cleared, she realized she was tied up!  How had it happened?  Who did this to her?  Were they still here?  Those were all questions for another time, however, as right now she had to escape and escape quickly, before whoever it was who had did this to her returned!  Struggling and thrashing, her cries silenced by the tight gag, her hope of escape dwindles nearly as quickly as her strength, one soon the poor girl is a panting, gasping mess!

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