459 - Sahyre - Shutting Up The Sass Mouth

12:31 video

Sahrye is certainly a feisty, strong willed lady!  She speaks what's n her mind, and she doesn't sugar coat her feelings one little bit.  Unfortunately for her, her uncle has gotten just a wee bit tired of her constant sass mouth, and he's determined that she's going to stay in for the night!  What's more, she's going to stay quiet, like a proper little lady!  To ensure this, he has wrapped her upper body in yards and yards of bright red electrical tape, fusing them to her torso!  As you can imagine, she's got plenty to say about that, but her uncle is in no mood to hear it, so he stuffs an old sock into her yapping face hole, and tapes it in by winding more of the red tape around her face!  Again and again the sticky stuff travels around her head, muting her big mouth quite nicely!  Confident he'll have a peaceful night, he leaves the lovely latina there to struggle, grunt and groan in her bondage.  Unfortunately, he forgot one little thing!  He didn't secure her legs, and soon the girl is running about the room in search of a means of escape.  Disturbed by the commotion, her uncle returns and puts the feisty brat into a tight tape hogtie, rendering her nearly immobile despite her thrashing and struggling!  She may not have learned her place, but she'll definitely be spending the evening IN one place!

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