454 - Nyssa Nevers' Naked Nightmare

12:53 video

Poor Nyssa!  Snatched while out for her morning jog, she found herself in a creepy basement, tightly bound with tape and cleave gagged with an old sock.  The tape is so tight, she can’t possibly get to her feet to manage an escape, but she tries for all she’s worth.  The cleave gag doesn’t do much to silence the buxom Asian, and somehow, that is even more frightening to Nyssa, as it means her captor is unconcerned about her cries for help being heard!  Suddenly, her struggles are interrupted by her captor’s return.  He pulls her roughly to her feet and removes her gag.  She isn’t capable of speech for long, however, as he stuffs her mouth with an old rag.  Nyssa is stunned and disgusted by the foul taste of her mouth packing, and she’s even more disgusted when she learns her captor uses the rag to jerk off into when he watched each day on her morning run!  To prevent her from spitting it out, several winds of black electrical tape are wrapped around her face, sealing the foul silencer inside for good!  Her captor then tears off her clothing, and forces her to hop back and forth around the basement, her huge boobs bouncing, her flesh dimpled with goose bumps from the cold air in her prison. Her captor then tapes her nude body into a tight ball and tips her over onto the freezing, dirty floor and leaves her to her fate.  He’ll be back soon to take her someplace nice and warm:  His bed!  Tied as she is, she is locked in a perfect “fuck me” position, and there isn’t a tihng she can do about it!

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