453 - Mystick's Near Escape

14:52 video

When Mystick's first words are "Oh, no!" you get the feeling she thinks she's in for a rough time.  Who am I to disappoint her?  However, in order to lull her into a false sense of security, I start her off with a nice tight boxtie and challenge her to escape.  She puts up a good struggle, managing to get to her feet before losing her balance and crashing back onto the sofa.  Time to up the ante a bit!! A nice fat ballgag makes her start drooling immediately, and when I tie her feet to the leg of the sofa, she knows she won't be going anywhere.  Or will she?  It turns out Mystick has VERY dexterous toes, and before you know it, she's actually using them to untie her thether!  Well, that simply won't do, so after letting her make quite a bit of progress, I put her in a very strict hogtie!  Of course, I make sure to keep the knots away from her hands AND toes, so she can't possibly get loose! Now, squirming and struggling as best she can, she can only groan and roll her eyes as she drools all over my nice clean carpet! 

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