452 When Uncle's Away part 2 - Ayla and Bailey

10:03 video

After Ayla had her turn being vibed into countless orgasms at the hand of her lover, Bailey, she felt turnabout was fair play!  Now, stripped completely nude, the tiny Bailey is spread-eagled to the bed just like Ayla had been, only Ayla has a special surprise in store for her!  After gagging Bailey with a nice, tight red ball gag she pulls out the surprise!  A Doxy vibrator, the world's most powerful hand massager!  When she switched it on, even she is surprised at how intense the device is!  Soon, Bailey is reduced to a quivering, trembling mass, forced into climax after climax!  The poor girl can do nothing to resist the Doxy, and cums again and again, screaming into her gag, drool flying everywhere as she arches and bucks against the ropes while the vibrator works its magic.  Ayla, her large breasts nearly spilling out of her bra, is delighted at how much pleasure she is bringing to her shivering, squirming lover.  The fun might have gone on all night, if Bailey's uncle had not returned unexpectedly!  Since he had given explicit instructions that Ayla was not allowed over in his absence, he's VERY displeased by what he sees before him!  He clamps a hand over Ayla's mouth and drags her away, leaving Bailey bound and gagged on the bed!  What is he going to do??  Find out in part three, coming soon!!

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