451 - Brooke Bliss - College Bound

27:14 video

Brooke was struggling through her college classes when her professor called her into his office.  Her last paper, on BDSM and the Abnormal Psyche, got a failing grade, because she clearly had negative preconceptions about bondage.  She needs a passing grade on the paper in order to keep from failing the class, so her professor offers her a solution: She can write the paper again, but first, she has to be bound herself so she can experience first hand how bondage can make a person feel.  Reluctantly, she agrees, and the professor ropes her up tightly/  Tighter, in fact, than Brooke is comfortable with.  As the ropes keep coming, her professor gets creepier and creepier, commenting on how much he loves seeing her in class, how perfect her body looks in rope, and how happy he is that she came to her office all by herself.  Brooke's unease crystalizes when the professor straps a ball gag tightly into her mouth and begins to unbutton her top!  Now, with her bare breasts on display, she really begins to struggle as her professor leaves her alone to "experience" rope.  She wriggles and writhes, kicking her lashed feet and shaking from side to side as she tries to free herself.  She stomps her booted feet against the floor and mewls plaintively through her gag.  When her professor returns, he tells her she needs to spend MUCH more time in rope and experience MANY more sensations!  He removes her gag and stuffs her mouth with cloth, then wraps micro foam tape around the poor girl's face, sealing it in and silencing her for good.  He unbuttons her jeans, pulls her pants down and gives her a tight crotch rope before making her move around the office on her knees, giving him a prefect view of her ass, the rope snugged up tight between her cheeks.  The professor mentions that she'll have to spend the rest of the weekend as she is, bound and gagged at his mercy, all alone with him at his house where he can give her many more "experience", but first, he'll have to leave her all alone in the office until the staff leaves for the weekend!  Desperate to escape, the girl struggles and squirms, but the ropes are too tight and the gag too effective, and she remains helpless.  When the professor returns, he picks up the poor girl, tosses her over his shoulder, and carries her off to begin her "extra credit" work!

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